The Playground Plans

Murchison Playground will be amazing.  We have a great plan that was put together by Charles Mabry at the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department.  With a big climbing structure as a centerpiece, there are spinners, a swing, and lots of things to balance on.  Here's what it will look like:


But this is Texas, and the sun is mighty strong.  To keep everyone cool and safe, we've got shade structures.  While there are already big beautiful oak trees at the park, we think a little extra sun protection would be nice. Let's look at it again, but with the planned sun shades in place:


And for all our friends who like to see all the details, here is a schematic.  

MurchisonPool_Playscape_17 0628-no aerial.jpg

playground location

Map of Park Location.jpg
Map of Specific location of Playground.jpg